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Bestseller Tianjin China

Automated distribution center of 110 000 m² with 10 000 m² of offices.

Tipología de edificio
Almacenes, plataformas logísticas, mensajerías

Sector de actividad del usuario

Tipo de contrato
Design / turnkey construction

Superficie 110 000 m²

Diseñado y construido por GSE

GSE was selected for the design and construction of the new distribution center Bestseller group, located in Tianjin, China.

This installation of 110 000 m² is composed of 6 storage buildings incorporating an advanced level of automation in sorting, conveying and storage.

A 4-storey office building with a total of 10 000 m² is also part of this project in order to pilot the logistics operations of Bestseller.


For this project, GSE assisted Bestseller on the design, but also on the upstream studies regarding the qualifications of land.


The design had to meet several objectives:

  • Develop an aesthetic rational and rewarding architecture,
  • Develop and optimize the interfaces process / building in order to dispose of a smart set in the service of a better productivity.
  • Create functional areas to facilitate exchanges between users,
  • Implement a set of relevant eco-initiatives to optimize the building’s operating costs.

For this project, GSE demonstrated:

  • Its deep knowledge of the Chinese construction market (20 years of presence and more than 1.2 million square meters delivered)
  • Its technical expertise in logistics buildings based on over 40 years of business worldwide
  • A secure approach for the customer by offering a turnkey contract
BESTSELLER Tianjin Chine