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Our new product: multi-storey car parks

GSE is now marketing and building GOLDBECK’s car park technology in France! These bright and highly functional multi-storey car parks adapt to your needs and evolve over time. They are based on GOLDBECK’s recognised expertise in the field of multi-storey car park design & construction, drawn from more than 1,000 projects delivered over three decades. GSE can now offer you a standardised product with multiple customisation options to best meet your expectations.

The car parks offered by GSE optimise your parking solution through integrated design & build, prefabricated construction elements, an architecture adapted to your wishes and a personalised service offering – all for maximum user friendliness and comfort.


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MODULOG: a logistics building to meet your performance requirements

MODULOG is an exclusive GSE concept designed to meet precisely the needs and constraints of logistics. A high-performance logistics warehouse based on an industrialised process, it is very adaptable and keeps costs under control.

In MODULOG buildings, everything is designed to ensure that daily operations are functional, safe and pleasant: simplified handling of goods, very large storage capacity, rugged equipment, tasteful and customisable design and layout.

Thanks to this modular system, you can enjoy a facility that adapts to the specificities of your activity – and an architecture that proudly reflects your company’s image. From the financial perspective, optimising your building’s operating and maintenance expenditure gives you better control over total costs and ensures that your warehouse will continue to deliver value in the long run.

What our clients say: MODULOG

A well-designed warehouse that enables fast, efficient and safe operation.
Eric HEMAR, Chairman and CEO, ID Logistics
A logistics platform is built around a process. The right warehouse is the one that corresponds to our needs and conveys the image of our company
Christian MONTAGNON, Real Estate Director, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

CECODIA: eco-friendly wellbeing at the office

With CECODIA, GSE created an environmentally friendly, high-performance office concept at a competitive price, which can be adapted and personalised according to your needs and activities. Ahead of the game in complying with HQE environmental standards, CECODIA is very popular, totalling more than 30,000 m² of offices built in France.

With CECODIA, you enjoy the benefits of an eco-responsible building: a low carbon footprint thanks to eco-certified wood construction, energy performance that goes beyond regulatory requirements, and clean worksites throughout the construction process.

CECODIA buildings also boast a sleek, modern design, from the landscaping to the building’s finishes, with a wide choice of options to personalise your offices.



What our clients say: CECODIA

My employees are very satisfied with the pleasant working conditions of our offices and with the quality of the interior design, which encourages interaction and teamwork.
Christophe EMPRIN, Chairman, PACK SOLUTIONS
The environmental focus of our Cecodia building, complete with HQE certification, is very relevant and adapted to our company’s eco-responsible image
Isabelle STEPHAN, Executive Assistant, QUADRIMEX
In addition to the architectural aesthetics and comfort provided by the Cecodia buildings, their excellent value for money was a big plus in our call to tender.
Limoges Métropole intermunicipal authority

IDEA’PARK: a modular space for your company

Designed as a home for 10 to 30 businesses, IDEA’PARK is an exclusive GSE concept. These highly modular commercial premises can accommodate small and medium companies, craftsmen, retailers and professionals.

An IDEA’PARK project is developed in partnership with local authorities. The business park is managed in such a way as to contribute to the quality of the local environment and to develop a strategic location. To date, about ten parks have been built in France.

Modularity, functionality and sustainability at the service of business: good transport connections, site durability and enhancement, modular spaces and user satisfaction – everything is designed to optimise your business’s physical development.

EnerGiSE : control your building’s energy use

EnerGiSE is our energy consumption analysis solution, through which we provide advice on optimising your building’s energy use and monitor temperature and air quality. EnerGiSE helps you make better use of resources and ensure user comfort.

Using air quality and temperature measurements, GSE monitors and analyses consumption and advises you on the optimal use of resources – while preserving wellbeing in the workplace.

The data is collected securely and is accessible on a simple and practical interface. With EnerGiSE +, you can also track indicators in real time and communicate on the management of your consumption by publishing them.