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Multistorey car parks designed & built for advanced mobility

Current trends in mobility create new requirements for car parks. GSE draws on the expertise of GOLDBECK, a leading player in this field that designed & built more than a thousand multistorey car parks in 40 years. Our turnkey solution can be adapted to all users: employees, customers, the public, or for loading & unloading goods.


GSE’s car parks stand out with their modern, eco-friendly architecture, including creative facades and innovative designs.


Built to last from strong, high-quality materials, they offer user-friendly features such as:

– simplified parking thanks to active LED guidance

– charging stations for electrical vehicles

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A logistics building designed to boost your performance

MODULOG® is a proprietary GSE concept, specified in the greatest detail to address the needs & constraints of logistical operations. This high-performance logistics warehouse is industrially produced, making it both competitive and highly flexible.


Everything in MODULOG buildings is designed to ensure that everyday activities & flows are efficient, safe and pleasant: easy handling, very high storage capacity, solid equipment, and refined, customisable design & fittings.


Modular in name and in game, MODULOG adapts to your specific operations, while its architecture reflects your company’s image. From a business perspective, the optimisation of your building’s operating & maintenance costs guarantees an excellent return on investment.


What our clients say: MODULOG

A well-designed warehouse that enables fast, efficient and safe operation.
Eric HEMAR, Chairman and CEO, ID Logistics
A logistics platform is built around a process. The right warehouse is the one that corresponds to our needs and conveys the image of our company
Christian MONTAGNON, Real Estate Director, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

Cultivating sustainbility and wellbeing in the office

Cécodia, developed by GSE, is a pioneering concept for offices in excess of 50,000 m². A forerunner in terms of environmental certification, Cécodia boasts a reduced carbon footprint (thanks to its eco-certified timber construction) and an energy performance that anticipates regulatory requirements.


Cécodia offers outstanding employee comfort, a modern design, flexibility, customisable indoor fixtures and superior landscaping.



What our clients say: CECODIA

My employees are very satisfied with the pleasant working conditions of our offices and with the quality of the interior design, which encourages interaction and teamwork.
Christophe EMPRIN, Chairman, PACK SOLUTIONS
The environmental focus of our Cecodia building, complete with HQE certification, is very relevant and adapted to our company’s eco-responsible image
Isabelle STEPHAN, Executive Assistant, QUADRIMEX
In addition to the architectural aesthetics and comfort provided by the Cecodia buildings, their excellent value for money was a big plus in our call to tender.
Limoges Métropole intermunicipal authority

Our smart and comfortable offices

The GOLDBECK office buildings marketed by GSE combine creative design with comfortable & flexible workspaces. Their layout encourages collaboration between departments and boosts team performance.


Our offices’ innovative design addresses the challenges of increasingly complex working environments. Their integrated engineering encompasses refined architecture, user comfort, high-performance technical installations, BIM and Smart Building. As a result, they offer a pleasant workplace that is tailored to your needs and stands out from the crowd.


We prefabricate the offices’ elements off site, which reduces their environmental footprint. Importantly, it also ensures maximum control of quality: everything produced at the factory benefits from a higher level of quality than elements made on site. This method makes it possible to guarantee quality, minimise lead times and cut our carbon footprint by reducing waste & transport.

Controlling and reducing your energy consumption

GSE’s own building management app, enerGISE, is a powerful tool to help you maximise your energy efficiency and minimise your footprint. It enables you to:


  • analyse your energy consumption and identify opportunities for corrective action
  • consider the potential of renewable energy to cover your consumption
  • raise your employees’ awareness of the principles of energy use and comfort, based on an infotaining, highly accessible interface
  • communicate your building’s energy data, particularly as it relates to regulations on commercial real estate.


By measuring air quality & temperature, GSE continuously monitors and analyses your building’s energy & comfort data to ensure both efficiency and employee wellbeing. The data is securely collected and accessible through an intuitive interface.