The GSE Academy


The GSE Academy

GSE’s expertise for all employees

“Our employees are interested in new things and like to take on new challenges. At GSE, you work with passionate people who are fully committed to their jobs and are in the driver’s seat of their career development. We do a lot of training at GSE. The environment changes fast and we want to keep our people at the cutting edge of their lines of expertise.”

Aurore Malblanc – Head of Human Resources


4 days of training a year by employee

Personalised onboarding

Shortly after you are hired, you attend the onboarding course. This two-day induction course bring together managers and new employees from all countries and are an opportunity for sharing and getting to know each other.

You will benefit from a personalised onboarding programme where you meet people who will help you find your bearings as soon as you arrive – and throughout your career.


6 seminars a year for new recruits

Hands-on support throughout your career

Our skills development plans help everyone hone their expertise or move on to another profession. At GSE, training is ubiquitous and multi-channel: tutoring and mentoring programmes to support talents who wish to develop or deepen their knowledge of given topics, e-courses that are enhanced over the years, dedicated training cycles, expert forums, individual face-to-face or distance learning, etc.
And, in the spirit of knowledge transmission, 50% of our internal training is provided by our own experts.


50% of training provided internally