Working at GSE


Working at GSE

GSE is recruiting!


Our business is growing in France and Europe and we’re looking for men and women to take part in the adventure. We need:


– Project Engineers to manage construction projects from start to finish and to guarantee the smooth running of the worksite until handover


– Design Engineers to ensure the competitiveness of the bids we submit and to optimise our projects’ technical design


– Business Development Managers to build on the group’s commercial momentum and to ensure client loyalty.


GSE is also recruiting a new class of engineering graduates. This is an opportunity to join a group where you will learn both the theory and the practice of the Global Contractor’s profession: the know-how to carry out real estate projects from design to handover.


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Our values

It would be pointless to trumpet our values if we didn’t bring them to life in our day-to-day work. Our company has adopted a set of values, simple and true, that make our work meaningful and that we express through everything we do.


Being passionate always makes you perform better


The more challenging it gets, the more we innovate


To share expertise is to share success


Our promises are valuable because we keep them


Straightforward, honest communication is the key to trust

The GSE spirit in the field

“Independent, but never alone”

To me, every project is a new story, bringing its share of encounters and challenges. With all our in-house expertise, GSE is a wonderful playground where you are independent, but never alone”
Véronique, Head of Surveys, Logistics


“Be truly creative”

My role is to earn clients’ trust and keep it! It’s an exciting challenge where I can be truly creative, while benefiting from the assurance provided by our processes’ quality of and our support teams’ responsiveness.
Hervé, Director of Development / Aquitaine Region

The GSE Academy

GSE has an ambitious training programme to support employees as they develop their skills in a wide range of fields (technical, managerial, commercial, languages, onboarding, etc.). These courses also provide an opportunity to share feedback.


“Our employees are interested in new things and like to take on new challenges. At GSE, you work with passionate people who are fully committed to their jobs and are in the driver’s seat of their career development.”
Aurore Malblanc – Head of Human Resources


Are you considering changing industries, cities – even moving abroad? It can be done!

With our many locations in a number of countries, GSE offers opportunities for geographical mobility.


What’s more, there are also opportunities for mobility between our various areas of expertise: Logistics, Industry, Services and Retail. At GSE, a job can be carried out in various sectors of activity.


Depending on the needs of the various subsidiaries, opportunities for international mobility may also be offered. GSE will support you throughout your expatriation.

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Gender Equality Index

In 2018, French labour law introduced a gender equality index for all organisations with 50 or more employees. This index measures potential pay and career development gaps between women and men. Indicators are calculated ever year to monitor the evolution of the situation.
As the construction industry is still supposed to be a male-dominated area, many people think that gender equality is an illusion. However, it is possible and GSE is mobilised in the approach of parity.
Each year our recruitment strategy advance parity. We are committed to foster diversity and equal opportunities in our group and – by the way – to improve our index.
Women and men are above all recognised for their skills and involvement. For the year 2021, GSE obtains 88 of 100 points at the gender equality index.

Our HR practices

An international group

15 branches in France
6 subsidiaries in Europe, plus China
16 nationalities

450 committed employees

69 recruitments in 2021, including 42 in France
66% of engineers
97% of employees recommend working at GSE

The GSE Academy

5,2 days of training a year on average
2 graduate programmes (classes of young engineers and new managers)
28% of training provided internally

A customised onboarding programme

6 seminars a year for new recruits
Individualised support
Comprehensive e-learning

Attractive compensation and benefits

A professional equality index of 84/100

Variable compensation for everyone

Attractive telecommuting options

Generous, eco-responsible
car and travel policy