The GSE spirit


The GSE spirit

Enjoying: it’s in the family spirit

Nobody can force you to enjoy your work. But at GSE, we do everything we can to make it happen.


We know that enjoyment comes when human relations are respectful, friendly and authentic. We take special care of our new recruits from day 1. We encourage wellbeing for everyone – for instance with relaxation areas, regular events… And we love to celebrate when we win!


Our communication is open and multidirectional, relying on channels such as our company social network, discussion forums, newsletters and webinars.
We value inclusion and diversity: our employees come from 19 different nationalities. And we recognise everyone’s contributions.

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Challenging: the drive to win

Are you always up for a challenge? That’s the spirit we value and foster!

GSE is in the business of creating high value, tailored solutions. To succeed, we need to challenge our thinking and imagine new ways forward. Whatever your expertise or function, you contribute to the success of complex, high-stakes missions.


Because empowerment produces commitment and performance, we help you become independent. At GSE, you are encouraged to take initiatives, to test your ideas. We recognise that you can’t always get it right on the first try. But it’s up to you to chart your own path to our collective success.


We offer you opportunities for growth in line with our clients’ challenges.

Take up the challenge!

Transmitting: the spirit of sharing

To learn and transmit knowledge is to grow together.

Programmes for young graduates and new managers, ambitious training plans, seminars, sales and plenary forums, managerial and individual development plans, mentoring and tutoring: every day is an opportunity to learn at GSE.


Sharing knowledge strengthens our collective expertise and creates value. This is why half of our instructors are GSE employees.


Transmitting is also about sharing values. The GSE Foundation’s activities, in which our employees are welcome to participate, play an important role in this respect.


Share more than a profession!