Pupose-Driven Company

Sustainable development

Purpose-Driven Company

GSE obtains “Purpose-Driven Company” status

Over the past few years, GSE has embarked on a process of transforming its business and organisation to align with the group’s ethical, social and environmental values. In the summer of 2023, GSE announced its ambition to become a “société à mission” under French law.

“In just six months, 90 GSE employees already volunteered to accelerate the sustainable transformation of our company and our industry. Now it’s our responsibility to implement all the means necessary to drive this transition and strengthen the focus on sustainability issues within our ecosystem. We are confident that the recommendations of our “comité de mission”, mainly made up of professionals from outside GSE who are experts in their respective fields, will help us find the best solutions to move forward in the right direction and resolve any dilemmas that may arise.”


Muriel Lecou
Head of Transformation, Chair of the Comité de Mission

GSE adopts low-carbon concrete at all its sites

There’s no denying it: construction is one of the economy’s most polluting sectors. Taking responsibility, GSE started – in the summer of 2023 – using low-carbon concrete for the slabs of all its new projects. This decision reflects our commitment to sustainability, since low-carbon concrete reduces paving-related CO2 emissions by up to 20%.


“In an ideal world, we would completely eliminate concrete – one of the most carbon-intensive materials – from our buildings, replacing it by other materials, such as wood,” said Marc Esposito, Director of the GSE LAB. “The fact is that we cannot do completely without concrete in industrial buildings, as this would compromise the solidity and functionality of the structures. However, it’s our responsibility to actively decarbonise the concrete we use as much as possible.”


This is why GSE decided to use low-carbon concrete for the slabs of all the buildings it designs. A simple change that makes a considerable impact.


While its contribution is significant, low-carbon concrete is only one more step on GSE’s path to sustainable development. We will continue to innovate to make construction and logistics environmentally friendly. This is the essence of GSE’s green building offering.



The comité de mission

In compliance with France’s Pacte act on the transformation of small and medium enterprises, GSE has appointed the members of its “comité de mission”: the body that oversees the fulfilment of a company’s purpose.


Seven experts and a representative of our shareholder are tasked with challenging us on key construction industry issues and with ensuring that the emerging concerns facing GSE are identified & addressed. Their role, beyond the regulatory aspects related to our legal status, is to support GSE in dealing with the tough choices ahead as we roll out our transformation strategy.


They will also contribute their ideas and assistance to implement GSE’s purpose and assess the effectiveness of its application.


Meet our comité de mission