Design, environmental responsibility and quality working conditions


Design, environmental responsibility and quality working conditions



France is the record holder for the most hours spent at the office: 3.5 days a week on average. 

Combining eco-responsibility with meticulous building design is more than a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility: it’s a strategic necessity. 

Beyond the aesthetic aspects, attention to employee wellbeing is an essential pillar of HR policies. A working environment conducive to wellbeing contributes to employee satisfaction, productivity and the development of a positive company culture. 

1. How your building can motivate your employees

GSE is committed to building offices that provide pleasant, functional, healthy and sustainable living and working environment. This is reflected in the design of our offices and their flexible workspaces, including to support teleworking. Our offices are welcoming and aesthetically pleasing – with colour palettes ranging from sober to stimulating tones – while offering acoustic comfort and pleasant light conditions.

We pay particular attention to thermal comfort. Well-regulated heating and air conditioning ensures that occupants can feel comfy and perform at their best all year round. When designing your building, we carry out a dynamic thermal simulation to guarantee ideal working conditions – and improve your employees’ wellbeing.

The importance of light cannot be overstated. GSE prioritises natural light, aiming to create bright and comfortable buildings while reducing lighting-related electricity consumption. This is crucial: in France, for instance, almost two-thirds of the offices surveyed have ambient light below the recommended levels. But at times there can also be too much light: we carry out shading studies to avoid any glare.

Acoustics are another essential consideration. When noise interferes, work performance drops by up to 66%. To counter this, GSE offers comprehensive support from an acoustician, including surveys of noise insulation from outside and between indoor areas. The aim is to protect occupants from sound pollution and to adapt working environments to their use, in compliance with regulations.

GSE also pays special attention to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), for the benefit of occupants’ health & wellbeing. Through attentive design, we create pleasant interior spaces with good amenities, including relaxation areas and premium fixtures & furnishings. Additional facilities such as break rooms, gyms and phone box can be included to expand the experience and create an ideal working environment for your employees.

2. Our experts and designers can improve your employees’ satisfaction 

GSE’s approach to architecture and interior design is to create working environments that are more than mere buildings: they are real motivators for employees. Through careful attention to layout, fixtures & furnishings, amenities, workspace flexibility and the quality of everyday life, GSE seeks to provide solutions that meet the evolving needs of companies and their teams.

Our focus on key factors of comfort – including temperatures, natural lighting, acoustics and IAQ – reflects our commitment to users’ wellbeing. GSE’s offices are a great illustration of this philosophy, striking a balance between technical performance, modern aesthetics and sustainability.

Ultimately, GSE delivers much more than functional offices. We aim to transform the working environment into a place that inspires, motivates and aligns with the values of the company, contributing to its employees’ productivity and sense of professional fulfilment.  

3. Inspired by design?

Today, when you design an office building, you need to adapt workspaces to suit various individual and collective working methods, including open plan offices, meeting rooms, quiet or confidential areas and cubicles.

To inspire its occupants, offices should feature contemporary design and meticulous attention to detail. Indeed, your offices play a major role in the development of your company culture, driving technical and business performance while fostering employees’ wellbeing. GSE’s role is therefore to design & build comfortable, environmentally friendly working environments that meet users’ specific needs, combining the benefits of proven performance and competitive price.

And let’s not forget that your offices speak loads about you. Their architecture and interior design should be tailored to your identity and act as a signature.

ICKO Apiculture: how super-customised architecture helps transform business

ICKO Apiculture, the French leader in beekeeping equipment, has benefited greatly from its new, more spacious facility. The carefully crafted building reflects the company’s evolution. It includes areas dedicated to the storage of beekeeping equipment, to manufacturing and to bee feed packaging.

The project’s major challenges included its elaborate design, particularly the offices & retail spaces and the one-of-a-kind façade (with a huge fresco). In addition, we installed solar panels on the roof and shading, reflecting ICKO’s commitment to sustainable development.

The ICKO Apiculture project’s architecture & interior design were specifically matched to the company’s needs and identity, with GSE creating bespoke spaces. And for a company dealing with honeybees, it’s only natural that the building’s sustainability was considered across its entire lifecycle.