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XENOCS Grenoble (38) - France

Laboratories and offices for the world leader in X-ray measurement equipment


Xenocs, world leader in X-ray measurement equipment, entrusted GSE to carry out an office building, a real showcase building with high architectural ambition. The four-storey building has parking in the semi-basement, laboratories on the ground floor and offices on the three upper floors.

Right in the heart of the scientific center of the Presqu’Ile, the building draws all of the energy necessary for its heating and cooling needs, with a groundwater geothermal system.

A special care has been brought to the choice of materials: concrete posts/beams with light facade, venetian blinds, double height ground floor and 4 terraces. The quality of life at work is also a key element of this project, developed on a narrow and restricted site.


Project :

Head office with production workshops and controlled environment rooms

User's line of business:

Electrical and electronics industry

Floor area:

5 500 m²

Architect :

Aotu architecture