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SOCAMAINE – E. LECLERC Champagné (72) - France

Innovation at the service of logistics

GSE provided civil engineering support to this major retailer for building an automated, multi-temperature, high-rise platform with a 6,000 m² storage tower, 42 meters high, and a capacity to manage 35,000 pallets.
This innovative platform, designed to support the brand’s growth and respond to the increase in the number of “Drive” units, provides mechanised storage and retrieval systems for pallets of goods as well as automation in preparing orders.
In addition to the automated high-rise warehouse, the project includes a reception hall, a connection gallery, a fresh-product storage warehouse (2-6°), and offices.


Project presentation:

High-rise, multi-temperature, automated warehouse

Type of building:

Warehouses, logistics platforms, and courier services

User’s business sector:

Mass distribution


22,600 m²