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JUSTE BIO Carpentras (84) - France

Combining production, storage and office unit


GSE built a production, storage and office unit of 8, 980 m², for the company Juste Bio, specialist of bulk distribution of organic cereals and dried fruit. The building is fully designed to answer the company’s strong business growth.

The architecture enables the production line and the storage capacity to be upgraded. The offices, of 1, 130 m², with glass partitioning, are ergonomic and designed for occupational well-being.

The building has fire protection, a positive cold room, nearly 3, 000 m² of rack storage,

3, 000 m² of space dedicated to the industrial process.

The site is an Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment.,

Project :

Production unit

User's line of business:

Agri-food industry

Floor area:

8, 980 m²

Architect :

Anthony Frutoso (Marseille)