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SNCF RESEAU Bègles (33) - France

A campus with wood-frame structure


GSE built a campus providing initial and ongoing training for SNCF RESEAU employees, and SNCF’s partners. The campus is divided into 3 buildings: Workshop, Offices & Classrooms, and Accommodation & Restaurant.

The training building is based on the CECODIA concept with a wood-frame structure and facades. The technical building has a metal structure with photovoltaic panels on the roof.

The accommodation building has a concrete frame for posts, beams, floor and wooden frame facades. It has heating and cooling floor.

The campus has 2 environmental certifications : HQE NF very good and Label EC2 C1.


Project :

Training campus

User's line of business:


Floor area:

12 265 m2

Architect :


Environmental certification

HQE NF very good and Label EC2 C1