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SCASO – E.LECLERC Beychac-et-Caillau (33) - France

Re-organising logistics flows for the region’s brand-names

To keep pace with the brand’s commercial dynamism and to re-organise logistics flows in the region, this new platform, located close to Bordeaux, was completed in 10 months. It is designed to store and prepare goods and ship them to all the E. Leclerc stores in the southwest of France.
A first building of 38,600 m² has been designed for storing dry products with an open outdoor area of 6,000 m², together with an office area, and technical premises. The second building of 20,700 m² is dedicated to fresh and frozen products.
The logistics platform has been designed to minimize its impact on flora and fauna in an effort to protect the environment.

Project presentation:

Multi-temperature logistics warehouse

Type of building:

Warehouses, logistics platforms, and courier services

User’s business sector:

Mass distribution


60,000 m²


XXL Architectes