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Weir Power Industrial Invest Atome St Victoret 13 France

Construction of an industrial and head office building for a leading player on the onshore or offshore facilities market.
Weir Power Industrial

Building owner
Invest Atome

Type of building
Business buildings

User 's business sector

Type of contract
Design / turnkey construction

Surface 5 721 m²

Designed and executed by GSE


Weir Group is an international and recognised engineering group whose business consists of providing engineering solutions in the minerals, petroleum, gas and electricity production domains. This 5,271m² building combines great architectural quality within a high-performance business park with welcoming office spaces. 

This project, the construction phase of which was entrusted to CCR, was financed by AMO Invest Atome, a company specialising in land leasing and other real estate. 


Specific characteristics of the building:

  • ICPE classified activity (facilities classified for environmental protection) under section 2560 (metal machining)
  • The peripheral walls of the machining workshop are 2H rated fire walls and the roof is incombustible
  • Rooftop air-conditioning in workshops
  • Double-skin roof
  • North-light roof with large slopes on the South side so that they can be equipped with solar panels, and lighting on North sections to benefit from natural overhead light
  • Acoustic cladding and roofing in the machining workshop area
  • Ornamental screens also used as sign stands on the office façades to conceal technical elements on the roof