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New issue of the LOGISTICS INSIGHTS newsletter: Cold-chain logistics, evolution in a specialist market


After their preparation, food is shipped to cold storage where they are reassembled and directed to their final destination.

In this sector, the most significant development in recent years is the emergence of large volume of units specialized in this field.

In this issue of logistics insights, we propose to address all the specifics of these warehouses: FINANCING, REGULATION, TECHNICAL FEATURES, OPERATING CONSTRAINTS.

In the first part, you will find informations about this market.

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Part 2 the 01st dec.: GSE's point of view
Changes in the cold-chain sector and its impact on the logistics building

Part 3 the 8th dec.: technical focus
Update on Regulatory and different existing systems

Part 4 the 15th dec.: questions to a expert
The point of view of the investor, interview with Hélène FORT, CEO of PARCOLOG.