GSE delivers a new 65,515 m² logistics platform for Intermarché


GSE delivers a new 65,515 m² logistics platform for Intermarché



After two years of works, GSE has delivered the last phase of the new logistics centre for ITM, the supply platform of the Les Mousquetaires Group stores (Intermarché, Netto, etc.). Covering more than 65,515 m², the new platform on the outskirts of Lens (south of Lille) will supply all the stores in the North of France.


Built on a 250,000 m² site, this new automated logistics factory includes two buildings of 36,800 m² and 28,715 m². GSE designed and built a modern, high-performance platform that can integrate the latest technologies – particularly in terms of automation.


The first building is 15 meters high, while the second (delivered on 22 April 2021) rises to 35 meters. This “logistics factory” will consist of several units dedicated to the storage of dry and fresh products (between 4°C and 9°C) over a floor area of 15,000 m², as well as units for frozen products (-25°C) over 13,000 m².


In addition, a 3,000 m², three-storey building will house offices and technical facilities. The locker rooms will be on the ground floor, while the offices and meeting areas will be on the first floor and the company restaurant on the top floor. The whole complex benefits from a strong emphasis on architectural quality. A 300 m² terrace completes the layout.


The project was awarded the HQE Exceptionnel certificate, the highest level of the HQE environmental label. This recognition rewards the buildings’ high-performance thermal and sound insulation, which considerably cuts energy consumption and expenditure.