Elevating operational performance with smart design


Elevating operational performance with smart design



GSE pioneer in vertical construction

In 2019, next-gen multistorey warehouses made their French debut in Greater Paris. The 63,000 m² Paris Air2 Logistique platform in the port of Gennevilliers – 10 km north of Montmartre – enables last-mile deliveries to customers in the Paris Region by river freight. Goods can be shipped on the Seine to the port of Bercy, effectively serving the entire city.

The Four Parx Mach 2 multistorey project in Hamburg optimises land use and minimises soil sealing. Its design was a challenge, as it involved the rehabilitation of an industrial brownfield site and specific developments – such as a car park for light vehicles under the HGV yard.

GSE has also designed multistorey platforms incorporating user-specific automated processes. The Augny logistics building, outside Metz, was purpose-built for the global e-commerce leader. Advising the client from ideation to process integration, GSE’s team simulated the flow management from the outset and customised the building to its future operation. The facility can handle up to 550,000 parcels a day.

To address the challenges of vertical construction and the need for engineering advice specific to this type of building, GSE’s dedicated Multistorey team includes an architect.

Ramp or no ramp? Getting your multistorey warehouse right

The presence or absence of a ramp and a lorry yard are decisive factors for the success of a multistorey project. Ramps – kept frost-free by electrical heating elements – can enable HGVs weighing up to 44 tonnes to safely access the upper levels in all seasons.

In addition, incoming and outgoing traffic can be separated by choosing between two access ramps or a two-way ramp for each type of vehicle, ensuring smooth traffic flows and optimising the use of all levels of the building.

A sustainable approach to comply with soil sealing regulations

Multistorey buildings are generally more sustainable than single-level ones. By reducing the surface area used, they minimise soil sealing and pollution. This makes multistorey warehousing the solution of the future, complying with regulations such as France’s “Loi Zéro Artificialisation Nette” (Act #2023-630 of 20 July 2023 aiming to keep stable the total surface of land rendered impermeable by artificial coverings). The law’s aim is to halve the rate of urban sprawl by 2030 and to achieve zero net additional soil sealing by 2050.

GSE is deeply committed to more sustainable construction. Our multistorey projects are built with low-carbon concrete, reducing CO2 emissions by around 30% compared to conventional concrete. Vertical construction also optimises the use of land, making room for more green areas and for a site’s biodiversity. In addition, the building’s compact format improves its energy performance. Indeed, our multistorey solution reduces heat loss surfaces by at least 30% compared to a conventional logistics warehouse.