Construction of a 70,000 m² logistics platform for Mediacovrac


Construction of a 70,000 m² logistics platform for Mediacovrac



In Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, part of the Marseille-Fos Port, GSE is building a new 70,000 m² multi-user logistics platform for MediacoVrac, a subsidiary of the Mediaco group.

Based on GSE’s MODULOG concept, the building will be flexible and modular, adapting to users’ requirements. It will be used in particular to store cosmetic products (temperature-controlled, narrow aisles and super-smooth slabs) and to store bulk raw materials such as coffee.

Part of the goods will arrive by sea (in the adjacent Marseille-Fos Port) and part by train, with a branch line connected to the railway network along the entire length of the building.

A storage area for sea containers is also included in the project: the warehouse docks will be suited for loading/unloading these containers.

Sustainable and smart, this building is applying for a Breeam Excellent certificate. It will include 70,000 m² of rooftop solar panels and a smart lighting system that will adapt to the needs of each operator in order to optimise user comfort and energy consumption.