GSE to offset its carbon emissions


GSE to offset its carbon emissions



In addition to GSE’s carbon reduction measures, the company has now adopted a policy of offsetting its direct CO2 emissions.


GSE signed a partnership with Geres*, an NGO based in Aubagne, near Marseille, and recognised for its “climate solidarity” actions.


By supporting GERES projects, this partnership aims to offset the equivalent of 2,200 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is the volume of emissions linked to GSE staff’s business travel, which accounts for more than 90% of the group’s direct CO2 emissions.


GSE is a responsible mid-size company committed to drastically reducing its environmental footprint. We are taking action to reduce our direct carbon emissions (mobility & travel, offices and construction sites, etc.), but also the indirect emissions occasioned by our activities and those of our partners: in buildings’ design (“Responsible Building” R&D, sustainable construction principles, choice of materials, reduced distances, etc.), as well as in the organisation and operation of construction sites.


*GERES : Set up in 1976, Geres is a development NGO working in Europe, Africa and Asia to improve living conditions and fighting against climate change and its impacts. As we operate in the field, the energy transition is a major lever in our activities.