Designing a new warehouse? Get it right the first time! 


Designing a new warehouse? Get it right the first time! 



Finding a competent, supportive partner to create your industrial building is no easy task. And in use, the facility’s management is a considerable investment. Facility Managers are the conductors and providers of employees’ wellbeing, overseeing a multitude of tasks – from mail management to building maintenance, working environments and energy use (heating, air conditioning, etc.). Some medium-sized businesses and large groups have the resources required to form in-house teams to maintain and fit out workspaces.

The Facility Manager’s role

The profession of facility management took off in the 2000s and gradually became a key component in a building’s construction. Today, the role of the Facility Manager goes far beyond delivering clean premises, purchasing supplies or catering. He or she can contribute to the company’s overall performance. The job has two major components: 

  • Technical building services: ensuring the optimal operation and sustainability of your facility (heating, lighting, lifts, etc.)
  • Services to occupants: management of workspaces, landscaped areas, the car fleet, etc. 

Knowing your building is an asset, but constructing it is a real challenge. Studies show that the main challenge is to coordinate all the service providers involved in the building’s construction and future use.

The winning formula

Facility Managers, with their deep knowledge of a building’s operation, are goldmines of information for a construction company. Expressing the client’s needs (production space, storage capacity, acoustical requirements, etc.), they can convey their specifications.

They can work closely with GSE to deliver and operate clean buildings with low carbon footprints – on time and on budget. Together, we build high-performance, innovative, efficient and sustainable buildings that support employees’ wellbeing. Thanks to this understanding, Facility Managers can focus on their many responsibilities, knowing we will design a green building that fosters both comfort and performance.

For more than 40 years, GSE has implemented a process for commercial real estate projects that has proved its worth throughout the world. We have become a reference in the logistics, industrial and service sectors.