Making buildings frugal

Increasingly, our clients want their buildings to provide a high level of comfort while using minimal energy – for instance on air conditioning.


Achieving both comfort and frugality requires excellence in design. At GSE, we rely on both our experience and on the environmental and energy surveys of our dedicated team to suggest the best architectural and technical options from the outset. This is how we can guarantee performance levels and plan early on the necessary solutions – whether in terms of architecture, materials or technical solutions.

Renewables: what does the law say about solar panels?

Across Europe, standards and regulations are providing incentives for photovoltaic energy production – while also creating a complex legal environment. In France, for instance, applicable regulations include the “Loi Énergie Climat”, the “Loi Climat et Résilience”, the RE 2020 standard and more. They govern obligations in terms of renewable energy use – including solar panels.

Installing solar panels provides renewable energy with an attractive return on investment. But how many photovoltaic panels are you legally required to install on your roof or car park? Our experts have developed tools to help you size your solar farm. Ask our team for more info.

Smart energy management with our enerGiSE app

enerGiSE is GSE’s proprietary solution to help commercial properties comply with regulations on energy spending in use. With input from our experts, you can monitor your energy consumption and indoor air quality using precise indicators.


enerGiSE delivers comprehensive reporting on key aspects of the building’s operation: energy consumption, thermal comfort and air quality. This improves cost control and raises the occupiers’ awareness of the building’s environmental impact.


Solutions & innovations to optimise your energy performance

There are a number of ways to drive your energy performance. Solutions exist today to improve:

  • your building’s design, by choosing architectural and construction solutions that reduce energy losses and improve thermal efficiency.
  • your technical equipment, by investing in greener, more efficient technologies.
  • your facility’s management, by introducing advanced management systems that optimise energy consumption.
  • user’s habits, by raising awareness and encouraging them to adopt more energy-efficient practices.


You can also benefit from the latest technical innovations – such as electricity storage, light and heavy electric vehicles, and renewable energy production (geothermal, biomass, H2).

Exploring geothermal energy and efficient water management

When assessing a site’s geothermal potential, we carefully examine the area’s geological and thermal characteristics to determine the project’s feasibility. Meanwhile, we also explore funding opportunities. In France, for instance, the ADEME environmental agency’s Heat Fund offers subsidies to help deploy sustainable, cost-effective geothermal solutions.


Water reclamation is the process of collecting and reusing wastewater or rainwater: a sustainable approach to water management. With the appropriate collection and treatment systems, this water can be used for utility purposes – such as irrigating landscaped areas, washing vehicles or flushing toilets.

Certificates and labels that add value to your building

GSE can help you with your environmental certification objectives. With over ten years’ experience and more than 145 projects certified or pending certification, we have in-depth expertise both in mainstream certificates – including HQE, BREEAM and LEED – and in specific labels that attest to your building’s energy performance, such as zero net carbon, BBCA, bio-sourced buildings and Circolab.