A GSE innovation: multistorey buildings


As a global contractor in commercial real estate, GSE is a forerunner in the design & build of next-gen multistorey facilities.


With several buildings completed in Europe and China, GSE is responding to the new challenges of logistics and manufacturing:

  • Scarcity of land
  • Restrictions on soil sealing
  • Last mile logistics
  • Industrial process optimisation
  • e-commerce growth

GSE’s expertise: buildings completed in Europe and China


As a pioneer of technical innovation and sustainable real estate, GSE has already built four multistorey buildings with access ramps for heavy vehicles:


  • A two-level, 63,000 m² logistics platform in Gennevilliers, north of Paris, certified BREEAM Excellent
  • Germany’s first multistorey logistics hub providing 123,000 m² near the port of Hamburg, on an industrial brownfield. Also certified BREEAM Excellent
  • A three-storey logistics platform in Shanghai, covering 128,000 m² of floor space
  • France’s largest logistics facility (186,000 m²), a four-storey building handed over to the global e-commerce leader in Metz.


Three other projects are under construction in France, Italy and China.

In focus: the Paris Air2 project, in Greater Paris


GSE built a two-storey, 63,000 m² logistics platform in Gennevilliers, north of Paris. It features 48 cross docks on the ground floor and 23 single docks on the upper level, with a 120-metre access ramp linking the two levels. It’s a tailor-made response for the challenges of last-mile logistics.


Amenities include solar panels and 85 charging stations for electric vehicles, contributing to the site’s exemplary environmental performance, certified BREEAM Excellent.


Learn more about this project in this video.

A dedicated team at your service


GSE set up a dedicated team to best meet your needs, bringing together expertise in integrated architecture, structural solutions, utilities, and more. Our Multistorey team provides technical support throughout the design and build phases.


In 2022, GSE won the Agora special Supply Chain Award for its multistorey expertise.


If you need to maximise your facility’s value and performance despite scarce land availability, contact us.