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As our economies progress in the energy transition, hydrogen is emerging as a promising solution to achieve our greenhouse gas emissions targets. Its potential lies in its ability to store energy and generate low-carbon power at short notice.

GSE can provide expertise from the earliest stages of your project, right through to the completion and commissioning of your facility.

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1. Project development

We put together a dedicated team of skilled professionals, committed to the design & build of state-of-the-art facilities.


From the design phase through to completion, our commitment ensures the entire project’s full compliance with the strictest safety and efficiency standards.


Our experience covers the analysis of requirements, the sizing of your site, risk management, monitoring of the regulatory framework, and civil engineering for the facilities’ structural constraints.  Through our Green Buildings programme, we pay particular attention to the site and project’s environmental performance.

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2. Building the plant

Building a hydrogen production plant or a factory that manufactures hydrogen-related components involves a number of essential elements that contribute to the project’s success. To ensure flawless delivery, GSE has developed its own health, safety and quality control policies, as well as specific procedures and standards.


As part of each project, our Quality Safety Methods (QSM) department implements a series of measures to ensure full control. Throughout the project, we carry out audits to assess performance and safety – while advising the team on various activities. In addition, GSE shares its QSM expertise with the project team by providing training on several topics.


Bring your project to life

3. Regulatory / Sustainbility

In the face of ongoing regulatory change and of the deepening environmental crisis, we help you explore suitable responses to your sustainability challenges. GSE aims to raise the bar for the industry, while sharing expertise with its clients to encourage more environmentally friendly construction.


Our goal is to overcome the main challenges of a plant construction project in the hydrogen sector – with a strong focus on safety & environmental standards. Industrial facilities can have negative impacts on the environment, including water, air and soil pollution, as well as involve risks such as fires and explosions. They are therefore subject to specific regulations – an area in which GSE has in-depth expertise and extensive experience.


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In the words of our clients

We chose GSE for their ability to adapt to our needs – especially our deadlines. But also for their proposal’s architectural quality. McPhy’s management was also swayed by all the guarantees offered regarding CSR – and by the team’s agility and commitment to meet the project’s requirements.

Antoine Ressicaud, Chief Operating Officer, McPhy.

France Hydrogène

France Hydrogène is a trade organisation with over 450 members involved in the French hydrogen sector, including GSE. It brings together stakeholders from all along the hydrogen value chain: major industrial groups, SMEs, start-ups and research centres.

France Hydrogène has 12 regional offices to cover the whole country.

The organisation’s purpose is to accelerate the development of hydrogen solutions that support the energy transition, revitalise France’s industry and create value locally – improving quality of life for all.



Frequently-asked questions

Is a soil analysis compulsory for the construction of a hydrogen project?
Yes. All commercial real estate projects require a soil analysis – including the construction of a hydrogen facility.
Can we convert an existing building into a hydrogen-related facility?
Yes. It is possible to convert an existing building into a component-manufacturing plant. However, this is not permitted for the creation of a hydrogen production plant.
Are there subsidies available for the construction of a hydrogen production plant or a factory manufacturing hydrogen-related components?
Yes. GSE has a team of employees who specialise in finding subsidies in the hydrogen sector.
We’re looking for land to build our hydrogen project. Can GSE help?
Yes. GSE has long-standing expertise in the identification of suitable land for industrial projects.

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