Webinar – 24/09/2021


Webinar – 24/09/2021

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In terms of the order intake for the year, the situation is quite good!

  • We have to make €675 million of order intakes over the year (to end of March 2022).
  • We are halfway through the year and at nearly €400m, which is very reassuring.
  • Special kudos to Italy, which has €140m of order intakes to date! Bravo!
  • Congratulations also to GSE France, which will be close to €100m by the end of September.
  • What is all the more reassuring is that we have several very large deals ahead, both in terms of number and of size… We have never been in this situation before.
  • We can therefore be confident… but being confident does not mean letting our guard down…
  • Our competitors are more aggressive than ever. Their sales and technical teams are keeping their eyes wide open, on the lookout for each of our deals. We don’t let go of anything… We put our heart and soul into each deal… Because the Must-Win Spirit is with us more than ever.



Italy Success Story – Case History Prologis



  • Prologis Paullo :

Origin: Call to tender – First project signed in November 2019 – cross-border activity with the acquisition of Goldbeck’s share

Criticality: Joint GSE/PROLOGIS management of the Covid19 situation, with a 100% active construction site

Handover: July 2020 and signature of a second project


  • Prologis DC1 Milano :

Origin: Call to tender – Demolition and construction works initiated in July 2020

Criticality: GSE/PROLOGIS management of the user and stoppage of works

Handover: June 2021


  • Prologis DC1 Milano :

Origin: Call to tender for three projects in Bologna

Potential Criticality: Management of the user and stoppage of the works

Handover: February and April 2022


  • Client First management: on-site and Steering Committee meetings
  • We signed 5 projects with Prologis in less than two years 😊



To recruit for success, you need success in recruiting.


  • Identify and attract people who have the hard skills we need for our vacancies, but also interpersonal skills, values and career plans that are consistent with our culture and expectations.
  • 2 strategic priorities: more international profiles and gender parity.
  • We have done a great deal of external communication (in the Careers section of the GSE website and on social networks) and internal communication (by email, myGSE and our HR Newsletter)
  • Since the beginning of the year, we have managed some twenty internal transfers of all types
  • We developed tools and a course tailored to the needs of all those who recruit for GSE. We will soon be putting online an e-course on the keys to recruitment.
  • Since January, we have recruited 70 new people, 45% of whom are women. Half of the positions filled have been outside France. We have selected a more female and international Promo 2021.
  • We need you for staff referrals: help us identify people you know and can recommend. Today, referrals account for more than 1 in 8 people recruited.
  • We have an onboarding process to help managers and their teams welcome newcomers.



FORGE 2022

Owner = HMIB

Development contract = €34.2M / 24,000 m².

Aeronautics manufacturing facility.

Chaumont, eastern France


Operator: Groupe LISI – Sté Française (1777)

Aeronautics / Automobile / Medical.


2013: Villefranche de Rouergue project.

2017: Fayat selected for phase 1 of the Chaumont project. Lisi pulled out one year later.

Second call to tender in 2019: GSE signed the development contract in December 2019.

Final design approved in mid-May 2020, during the Covid pandemic.

Building permit obtained on 11 September 2020.

Construction began on 1 February 2021, scheduled to last 17.5 months.


Land: 10 hectares (25 acres).

1/ Forge hall.

2/ Reception, preparation and maintenance areas.

3/ Surface treatment.

4/ Finishing workshop.

5/ Upper floor offices, including a restaurant

6/ Security room and water treatment


From the design phase, we used BIM for the architecture and for the fluids.


Handover is scheduled for 13 July 2022 –

Thanks to all of you and to the entire team. A wonderful job.

The quality of our work and the relationship established with the client are great assets for Stage 2 project in 2025.



Eco-friendly buildings


Why adopt an environmentally responsible building programme? To:

  • Anticipate future regulations
  • Meet our clients’ expectations
  • Increase the entire company’s skills in environmental matters
  • Complete the current certifications and labels


How should we apply it?

  • Create a new commercial offering tailored to each client
  • 5 environmental topics, each with 3 levels of options:

1/ Energy performance

2/ Low carbon

3/ Biodiversity

4/ Enhanced interior comfort

5/ Low-impact construction site


  • Dedicated tools for each stage of the project, from the sales phase to construction:

o For sales teams: presentation materials, brochures and via Jack-In-The-Box and GSE World

o For design teams: integration of additional functionalities – particularly carbon analysis – into existing tools

o For the construction teams: simplified management and monitoring tools on site

o For the entire company: explanatory factsheets, training, to understand the challenges of eco-responsible buildings today and tomorrow



We’ll launch the tools dedicated to the sales and design phases in late 2021, the other tools in the first quarter of 2022. In the meantime, tailored support can be obtained by contacting the Sustainable Building team directly.





  • General provisions contract signed with client Nexity
  • Design & Build of the new GSE regional branch
  • A pilot project for Cecodia V2
  • Aiming for the BEPOS Effinergie 2019 E3C1 certificate
  • From the design stage, consideration is given to occupant wellbeing and comfort:
  • Addition of a rooftop
  • Petanque court and ping-pong table
  • Acoustics between offices and levels
  • Provision of natural light