Building under pressure


Building under pressure



France is exploring new paths for energy generation with the development of an innovative industry focused on hydrogen and electrolysis. GSE is exploring the challenges of these new markets and offering solutions for the construction of hydrogen production buildings. What GSE brings to the table is the complete mastery of the art of construction to meet these specific needs.

Find out how our construction expertise can help shape a more sustainable energy future.

Founded in 2008, McPhy specialises in equipment for hydrogen production and storage. The company offers complete solutions for the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of electrolysers. A pioneer in the hydrogen sector, Grenoble-based McPhy supports major industrial, transport and energy companies in their transition to zero-carbon hydrogen solutions. With five development centres in France, Italy and Germany, McPhy has scaled up significantly since 2021 to support the construction of large-scale projects, aligned with the low-carbon hydrogen production objectives of France and the EU.

Built by GSE and handed over on 13 June 2024, the Belfort plant has played a major role in the industrialisation of electrolysis. This ambitious project comprises a 22,000 m² facility, including 18,500 m² dedicated to the production of high-capacity electrolysers.

McPhy is a leader in alkaline electrolysers, offering the most diversified range of equipment on the market. Its pressure range, from 1 to 30 bars, meets all requirements in terms of flow rate, pressure and purity, covering a wide range of needs.

The Belfort project includes a hybrid gas/hydrogen boiler and solar panels, as well as two overhead travelling cranes (20 and 80 tonnes), a secure on-site test area and other equipment. GSE’s approach was decisive in bringing this ambitious industrial vision to life.