Men and women: same expectations at the office?


Men and women: same expectations at the office?



Happiness at work is not just about job satisfaction. It also depends on working conditions, which we measure using various indicators – such as acoustics and thermal comfort.


According to surveys, women care more than men about some aspects of their working environment. 86% of women prefer a quiet workplace, compared with 60% of men. And 71% of women say they work alongside colleagues that they find annoying, compared with 62% of men.

73% of women appreciate the option to set the indoor temperature, compared to only 53% of men. Could HVAC be sexist? Since the 1960s, the thermal comfort model used in offices has been based on the needs of a typical 40-year-old man weighing 70 kg. However, women have different temperature requirements, which introduces a gender bias: women’s metabolic rate is generally overestimated by about 35%.

Finally, 79% of women would like to have their own individual workspace, compared to only 50% of men. Coworking spaces are more appealing to female managers (9%) than to their male counterparts (3%) and to female non-managers (3%). In general, managers and men prefer the flex office, while women and rank & file employees are less enthusiastic, preferring assigned workstations that give value and physical substance to their place in the organisation. In short, gender and seniority affect workspace preferences.

This data underlines the importance for companies of taking these differences into account to build pleasant and fulfilling workplaces for all.

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*Harvard Business Review

These figures show that women care more than men about their work environment. It is crucial to take these points into account to create office spaces that optimise productivity and comfort. GSE adapts to these needs by offering a wide range of solutions, such as individual workstations and soundproofing solutions. We suggest office layouts that combine aesthetics and functionality, meeting your specific needs.

You can personalise the look and feel of your workspace by combining various styles, allowing each task and function to find the space that suits it – whether you prefer your workplace ambiance to be conventional, sleek, industrial, natural or pop.

* source Le Monde