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As a leader in research and development in construction, GSE is committed to innovative design and build: our dedicated R & D services help to keep us at the forefront of innovation in construction

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R&D services
Research and development at GSE

Optimisation has always been the driving force in our business as General Contractor, for it corresponds to our clients’ values, whether they do business in the logistics, industrial or services sectors.

With the creation of the Research, Development and Innovation department in early 2007, GSE pursues its corporate strategy of being a major leader in corporate real estate and consistently improving performance, added value and the quality of its offer.

In addition, in this constantly changing market, new performance assessment criteria, such as sustainable development and eco-construction, rapidly add to the existing measures. Recognition and integration of these important changes requires a continual process of development and innovation in our business and its methods.

Innovation in the construction industry

The R&D department mission consists in stimulating innovation dynamics in order to support, anticipate and even bring about changes in the corporate real estate market.

Convinced that the projects that we will be designing and building a few years down the road will be very different from today’s constructions, the R&D department seeks to catalyse and accelerate good practices and new technologies for deployment throughout every phase of the business, from business development through to industrialisation.

Initiating progress

This progress-oriented attitude includes short and mid-term actions and means that R&D works transversally throughout the company, interactive with all the GSE support services, and the diverse, complementary GSE core areas – logistics, industry and services, and tertiary sector. 

R&D also looks outwards, expanding the circle beyond construction competence and working with our stakeholders: 

  • the industrial environment and the supply chain: technological watch and industrial and associative lobbying,
  • the client environment (developers, users, logisticians, loaders, transporters, etc.) : associative lobbying and task forces,
  • the technological environment: public/private research partners (competitive clusters, schools and laboratories, specialised technical engineering offices), industrial property (patents). 
  • the regulatory environment and insurance: new techniques and certification (CSTB, Certivea, Ineris, CNPP...)
  • institutional partners: in France - Medad, Drire Développement Industriel, Ademe, and abroad…

…while paying close attention to the competition.

The R&D team is a real driving force behind both in-house and external innovation. R&D objectives are defined in an action plan, and progress is monitored monthly.

GSE has a commitment to high-quality research and development in construction, including sustainable development in construction as part of all its commercial and industrial construction projects