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Mercedes Benz - Daimler Redwood Canton China

Construction of a 37,000m² spare parts storage warehouse including 1,750m² of offices
Mercedes Benz - Daimler


Tipología de edificio
Almacenes, plataformas logísticas, mensajerías

Sector de actividad del usuario

Tipo de contrato
Design / turnkey construction

Superficie 37,000m²

Diseñado y construido por GSE

Mercedez Benz Daimler, a German car and truck manufacturer, wanted to continue expanding Daimler's sales in China. This project, financed by Redwood on behalf of Daimler, is Redwood's first project in China.

Located near the Guangzhou airport, this 37,000m² building was constructed in accordance with German standards, with high-end facilities.


Specific characteristics of the building:

  • 6T/m2 stress on slab with metallic hardener
  • Mixed concrete/metal framework
  • ESRF and in-rack sprinklers
  • Single-storey building with 25 docks
  • Mezzanine offices
  • High-quality materials


Testimony by Oliver TRENEMAN, General Manager, REDWOOD China

Guillemets orange

Redwood opted for GSE for several reasons. First of all, the extensive experience of the Chinese teams, the good understanding of Daimler's requirements and the need to deliver a project complying with European standards, built to last.

In addition to demonstrating their strong commitment to delivering within budget, we found something more valuable in GSE: a partner working alongside us to develop a long-term relationship.