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Avantages cafés D.A. France St Pierre du Perray 91 Francia

Construction of an 800m² industrial building including 240m² of offices
Avantages cafés D.A. France St Pierre du Perray 91 Francia
Avantages cafés

D.A. France

Tipología de edificio
Edificios mixtos

Sector de actividad del usuario
Servicios a las empresas y a los particulares

Tipo de contrato
Design / turnkey construction

Superficie 800 m²

Diseñado y construido por GSE

Apside Architecture

Avantages Cafés, a leading player in the automatic food and drink vending sector in the Ile-de-France region, had to modernise their production facilities. This project was completed on land belonging to the EPNA (National Public Administrative Establishment) of Sénart, the 2nd largest new town in the Seine-et-Marne department. 

This project, financed by Orian on behalf of Avantages Cafés, is an industrial building which includes a storage area, workshops and offices. It combines corporate image with the safety of goods and people, employee comfort and energy efficiency, within a flexible and adaptable building.    


Specific characteristics of the building: 

  • Differentiated lighting by area
  • Presence detection lighting
  • 15m² positive cold room
  • Distributed load: 3T/m²
  • Single-storey offices