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Contratista global en

el sector de la inmobiliaria para empresas

desde hace más de 40 años.

Serenity by GSE, the new service of GSE for the support of our customers during the commissioning of their works in France.


To be global contractor is to be to the end.

Global contractor, we are from the very first design studies, very upstream of each project and of course during its realization.

Today, with Serenity by GSE, we accompany our customers during the start-up of their activity.

Our objective is to assist our clients during the first year of occupation for an efficient handling of their building and equipment. Serenity by GSE is a free service to provide them benefits of performance, serenity and quality of life one year after the delivery.


Serenity by GSE is:
• a web platform for permanent contact, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
• An experienced technician at their side to check the proper functioning of the buildings and take care of all the points.
• they are technicians capable of intervening within a maximum of 72 hours to deal with an incident, a breakdown, or a problem that could slow down the course of their activity.


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