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GSE nominated at the Grand Prix simi 2017 with the PERNOD RICARD UNIVERSITY project


The CAMPUS PERNOD RICARD at the Domaine de La Voisine, 7 905 m² of eco-friendly space in the heart of the Vallée de Chevreuse: a GSE achievements.

After two years of work carried out collectively by Cyril Durand-Behar Architectes, GSE (property developer), and Egis (deputy contractor), the Domaine de La Voisine host from 4 September 2017 a large proportion of the 15,000 hours of training offered each year by Pernod Ricard University. Located across 170 hectares acquired in 1954 by Pernod Ricard’s founder Paul Ricard, the Domaine de La Voisine has been completely redesigned to combine tradition and contemporary spirit within an abundance of nature.

Designed around “moments” – work, relaxation and convivialité – the campus includes a reception area equipped with sports facilities, a learning centre with a 350-seat auditorium and 500m² of various meeting rooms, 60 bedrooms and the historical château, which has been totally renovated, where drinks, dinners and receptions will now be hosted. In compliance with the charter of the Regional Nature Reserve of the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse, the Domaine de La Voisine is committed to both HQE Aménagements (High Environmental Quality Developments) and “Very Good” BREEAM certification, led by GSE.

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