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GSE is strengthening its position by adopting a single redesigned historical trademark


The GSE group’s growth strategy is bearing fruit. GSE is strengthening its position by adopting a single redesigned  historical trademark.

Orders taken since the beginning of 2015 have progressed significantly against 2014, both in France and throughout Europe (+25%).

They confirm the success of the strategy implemented by the management team led by Roland Paul, GSE group CEO.

The strategy is based on developing an offer that is as global as possible and which creates innovative, high-performance products and services such as MODULOG and CECODIA, as well as BIM or Premium Assistance. All the teams are structured and committed to adding real value for enhancing clients’ competitiveness.  

Swimming against the tide of a timid market, the successes obtained this year are well over the targets assigned. GSE has an order book worth 500 million Euros for beginning year 2016. Especially In France, Germany, Great Britain and China, major local and international clients have confirmed their confidence in GSE teams in its fields of expertise: Industry, commerce, logistics and SMI/SME. 

These new dynamics have been boosted even more, as all the group’s teams and business activities are now under a single trademark, GSE, which, today, is the flag-bearer of the ambitious project that has brought them all together:  

“Creating value together.”

In this context, the entities of the GSE group, CCR and GAM have adopted a new corporate name: CCR has become GSE Régions and GAM has become GSE Ingénierie.