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GSE hands over Marseille's new cinema, Europacorp La Joliette


Packed with technology

Designed in collaboration with MAP architecture-Renaud Tarrazi, the new EUROPACORP LA JOLIETTE cinema has 14 screens, 2,081 seats, a spacious and welcoming entrance hall with a food court, as well as a rentable section with a terrace, covering a total area of 11,975 m².

Quality and moviegoer comfort were central to the project. The cinema was built to the highest standard, with the latest technological innovations developed by Cinémas Pathé Gaumont. 

In addition to the eight conventional screens of various capacities, the multiplex includes a Dolby Cinema auditorium, a Kids! room and a 4DX/ScreenX theatre*.

EuropaCorp La Joliette tops this off with a Premium Area (including a private lounge and bar) and three rooms based on novel concepts.


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