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GSE attended and were speaking at the Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit in the presence of Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN


Last week, the Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summitwas held in Paris from 4 to 6 December, an event sponsored by the Committee Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of economic relations between France and China, with an opening address by Jean Pierre RAFFARIN.

On this occasion, nearly 150 Chinese companies made the trip to Paris with one objective in mind: establishing partnerships to invest in France.

GSE DESIGN AND BUILD was involved in this event in a dual capacity:

  • As a participant under the dual French and Chinese activity of GSE DESIGN AND BUILD,
  • but also as a speaker, as Robert DE MARCHI, Development Director of GSE group, gave an address at the Conference on the theme of "Emerging real estate opportunities in Europe for China and sustainable development" alongside Mr Tang Jun (General Manager, Beijing Capital Land), Mr Gil AVEROUX (Mayor of Châteauroux) and Antoine BECHU.

One of the organisers of the SEES was the Beijing Capital Group, the parent company of Beijing Capital Land which owns and develops the Châteauroux land for which REDIM has signed an agreement for the joint development of a logistics and industrial park. Beijing Capital Group is a Chinese state-owned company which acts as an investment fund for the Government of the Beijing Province and owns more than €10 billion in assets.

There was of course a lot of attention of the Châteauroux site during this conference, the final day of which was directly organised in Châteauroux.

This was an opportunity to present this logistics and industrial park to all Chinese companies interested in France, who see this project as a unique opportunity to gain a foothold in France: a park developed by Chinese nationals and built by GSE DESIGN AND BUILD, a French company with a dual Franco/Chinese culture who will act as "cultural intermediaries" between China and France.