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The mission of the R & D aims to integrate environmental considerations into its approach to advance the development of new technologies, choice of materials and a project certification process.

GSE R & D department has reinforced its team :

  • A team responsible for building certification procedures. GSE offers innovative solutions to meet all the challenges of its customers and to generalize the certification process. Whether on new or renovated buildings buildings, GSE has developed a Master certification on major labels (HQE, BREEAM, LEED, Green Building CHINESE LABEL 3 STARS). The team is now composed of 2 Engineers environmental certification and a qualified BREEAM Assessor.
  • A team responsible for the development of BIM (Building Innovation Modeling). GSE offers its customers design and build their projects with BIM tool.This approach allows GSE to make 3D models in phase Studies and Consultation. It offers real benefits in the detailed definition of projects, saving time and improving quality. The goal is then to allow its customers to have a powerful tool to make the most of their building through fact sheets and references which are accessible from the 3D model. The BIM team is composed of 3 persons BIM Managers and Specialists.