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CECODIA, the new generation of commercial buildings where people love to work!


The CECODIA concept is evolving. In January 2018, GSE inaugurated France’s first office building certified to the Passivhaus Premium standard! This building, the first of the new CECODIA generation, is located in the heart of Carquefou’s eco-neighbourhood of La Fleuriane, in the greater Nantes area. It is the ultimate expression of the GSE Group’s CSR strategy.

This new generation of commercial buildings, prefiguring the city of tomorrow, has a threefold ambition: to provide users with a pleasant working environment that supports their professional development, to guarantee investors an asset that will maintain its value over time, and to offer a building that is environmentally responsible, frugal and that produces renewable energy.

Designed for the well-being of users, CECODIA offers spaces conducive to collaborative work, innovation and creativity. Noise reduction, controlled temperature: GSE innovates again with a building where it feels good to work and that produces more energy than it consumes!

CECODIA creates value for investors, users and the planet through its positive balance of renewable energy.

Watch the highlights of the Yosemite office building’s inauguration.