A global player in

corporate real-estate

for over 40 years.

Our environmental approach

Is high environmental quality a goal to reach? It is for us a minimum to respect.
We did not wait for the responsibilities of the environment become integral parts of the contract documents or programmes to worry about the fate of the planet and its future.

Preserving the environment and integrating sustainable development criteria is part of the company's strategy.


This commitment is materialized by the adherence to the Global Compact, which leads GSE to:

  • To exercise its corporate responsibility in particular with respect to the 3 axes of sustainable development (environment, societal, economic) in order to make them compatible.
  • Give customers the concrete means to act. Integrate our proposals into their sustainable development policy for their real estate project.
  • Participate in a training dynamic (role of accelerator and catalyst) on short-term, medium-term and long-term solutions to all our stakeholders (industrialists, building, transport, And their partners, insurers, investors, private or public research).


This strategy is supported by our Research and Development Department

Its program is articulated naturally around 4 interdependent themes:

  • Knowledge and control of industrial risks
  • Safety and ergonomics at work
  • Environmental protection
  • Project performance (overall cost, speed, quality, interfaces management).