A global player in

corporate real-estate

for over 40 years.

Our model

Organized and involved to be at your side, providers of value addition.

We support our customers in designing and building corporate real-estate by committing on price, quality and time schedule stipulated in the contract.

We provide for them a single contact person, which significantly simplifies the progress of projects. As a global contractor, able to step back to better move forward alongside our customers, we combine engineering and business development by placing their needs and issues at the centre of our actions.

It is not a coincidence that we can claim with our customers solid and lasting relationships where professionalism goes with care.


Architecture and engineering

There are, it is said, divergent visions between designers and developers. We believe that taking risks is not the exclusive privilege of a trade but should instead promote the increase creativity also
in engineering and architecture.


From A to Z

And if our engineering experts were also able to be the interface between all trades? This is the role played by our project teams. Real conductors of orchestra, they harmonise and unite all the construction trades to work for your project.



This is because each project presents a number of new solutions that must be invented, we keep intact the passion of our profession. This ambition opens up new horizons in the world, in Spain as in Germany, Italy and China. We deploy our wings because we are firmly camped on our roots, anchored in the territories that we know perfectly.



Safety of the occupants and reliability of buildings are considered in their smallest details. This daily concern is present throughout the building process. The seriousness of our committed teams makes no compromises on the safety of worksites.


Environmental quality

Is high environmental quality a goal to reach? It is for us a minimum to respect. We did not wait for the responsibilities of the environment become integral parts of the contract documents or programmes
to worry about the fate of the planet and its future.



The amounts involved in real-estate transactions are often considerable and crucial issues. Control with finesse and  farsightedness the optimization of each project is our top priority.






Discover in details how GSE creates value on your projects.