Strategy and key figures

Innovation and R&D

Optimisation has always been the rationale behind our business as turnkey Contractor, turnkey designer-builder. It is consistent with the values of our clients in the logistics, industrial, retail or services sectors.

The purpose of the Innovation, Research & Development department is to ceaselessly improve the effectiveness, added value and quality of our range of services for all types of building.

Research and development in GSE

Taking into account the rapid evolution of our customers' needs in terms of performance brings about the continuous transformation of our business and  methods.


Innovation in construction 

The purpose of the R&D department is to coordinate the dynamics of innovation to support, anticipate or even provoke change on the corporate property market. We implement new technologies in all phases of our business, from the design to the operation of your building.


Promoting progress 

As part of this approach, the R&D department acts in a cross-disciplinary and interactive manner in conjunction with all the support services of GSE, taking into account the diversity and complementarity of our business.


To achieve its objectives, the R&D department works with all players and associations of the property market on a worldwide scale:

  • industrial environment and supply chain: technology watch and community and industrial lobbying,
  • client environments (developers, users, logisticians, shippers, carriers, industrial companies, etc.) : community lobbying and working groups,
  • technological environment: public/private research partnerships (competitiveness clusters, schools and laboratories, specialised engineering firms), industrial property (patents).
  • regulatory environment and insurers: new techniques and certification (CSTB, Certivea, Ineris, CNPP, etc.)
  • institutional environment: Medad, Drire Industrial Development, Ademe, etc.
  • Professional associations and federations: ADI,AFILOG, ASLOG, BVL, ASMEP, MEDEF, MEDEF INTERNATIONAL, ASPEC, etc.