Our commitments: safety and environment

GSE has always been aware of the impact the construction of a building has on the environment. Consequently, GSE has implemented a policy designed to protect individuals as well as the environment during the construction or operation phase.

Health and Safety on construction sites

GSE realises that construction sites can be hazardous places and require particular attention. This is why a CIS process (cooperation for improving safety) was initiated by the health & safety department. The objective of this process is to improve safety during design and construction phases.

Health and Safety for operators

The structures are designed to facilitate the future users' optimal and secure operation of their new business tool (light, fire protection, external building access points, etc.).

Environmental protection

The ambition of the GSE group is to be a forerunner and major player in terms of sustainable eco-construction. The purpose of our R&D department is to optimise the impact of the materials and technical solutions or equipment installed in the buildings (wooden frame, heating, air conditioning, lighting, rainwater collection, etc.).

GSE supports the Global Compact

GSE is committed to a sustainable development policy and supports the Global Compact (    
Global Compact) launched in July 2000 upon the personal initiative of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

The Global Compact unites businesses, United Nations agencies, the economic sector, the academic world and civil society on a worldwide scale based on
The ten principles of the Global Compact relating to human rights; labour standards and the environment.

Relying on the strength of collective action, the Global Compact strives to promote corporate social responsibility so that the business community can help search for solutions which contribute to a more balanced globalisation process.

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Health and Safety