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JYSK Radomsko Poland

Extension of a 75,000m² logistics building
Jysk – Radomsko – Poland

Type of building
Warehouses, logistics platforms, courier services

User 's business sector
Non-food retailer

Type of contract
Design / turnkey construction

Surface 75 000 m²


Designed and executed by GSE


Jysk, a Danish chain of furniture stores, is developing rapidly in Eastern European countries. To continue growing, they wanted to extend their logistics building.

This 75,000m² extension is a fully automated 45-metre high building. Special attention was paid to ensuring the safety of the many people working on site and the assets contained in this building.

This building was awarded of the "Best Innovation for installation" in 2012.

Specific characteristics of the building:

  • Seamless slab
  • Automated building including conveyor belts and lifts
  • 2 concrete mezzanines


Testimony by Troels F. LARSEN, JYSK Contract Manager Logistics

To support the group's growth ambitions, JYSK could not be happy with traditional warehouses. The ground footprint and the distances covered by forklift truck operators would have been too excessive.

GSE therefore built a high-rack warehouse for us in Poland, with 2 x 43m high bays. This system allowed us to genuinely enhance our productivity. What we liked about GSE is their ability to provide us with genuine solutions to respond to our objectives.

JYSK high-rack warehouse: the work of GSE Poland