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Daher / Eurocopter Barjane Marignane 13 France

Construction of a 46,000m² logistics platform including 2,000m² of offices
Daher - Eurocopter - Barjane – Marignane (13) - France
Daher / Eurocopter

Building owner

Type of building
Warehouses, logistics platforms, courier services

User 's business sector

Type of contract
Design / turnkey construction

Surface 46 000 m²

HQE + Grand prix SIMI, Immeuble Logistique (2011)

Designed and executed by GSE

Atelier 9

Daher, high-technology industrial equipment supplier for Eurocopter, wanted to reorganise its logistics on a single site.

This project, financed by Barjane on behalf of Daher/Eurocopter, is a 46,000m² custom-made building with a shipping capacity of 300,000 parts/year. Its architectural design and comprehensive facilities make it a functional and pleasant building for the many people who work on this site.


Specific characteristics of the building:

  • Building compliant with the 2005 Thermal Regulations
  • Automated building including conveyor belts, lifts, sorting machines
  • Wooden framework
  • Canopy
  • Oversized doors
  • Autodocks


Testimony by Olivier DAUVERGNE, Deputy Regional Director, DAHER's Spare Parts Department

Guillemets orange

For such a big project, service providers were selected at a very early stage, to create a partnership rather than a traditional customer/supplier relationship.

Choosing a turnkey contractor guaranteed complete accountability and compliance with deadlines. DAHER chose GSE for their ability to provide solutions and optimise their specifications. This building allowed DAHER to automate 80% of their spare parts platform flows.

This project was a complete success, with very short completion times which meant that GSE finished the building in just 10 months!