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Retail premises

Design and construction of retail premises.

You are the manager, owner or developer of retail buildings (supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping centres, retail parks, drive-ins) and are struggling with differentiation, attraction or flexibility issues, with scheduling constraints, compliance with standards or the administrative management of your project.

GSE helps you design, build or renovate your retail real estate while addressing all these issues.

Your needs

As a Retail sector player, you wish to:

  • develop a new location or improve existing premises
  • conduct a technical, financial and/or regulatory audit
  • have a retail building which respects your charter and reflects your image
  • have a retail building the opening date of which will be respected at all costs
  • implement a sustainable development approach and obtain a certification
  • remain involved in the development of your project while delegating its implementation


Our solution

We do our utmost to ensure that your project strikes a balance between your need, your budget and our solution.

With more than 35 years' experience, we guarantee our expertise in the design of retail properties, the management and respect of your budget and deadlines, delivering a structure perfectly suited to your specifications.

We are your single point of contact at all stages of your project:

  • Assistance in the definition of your specifications
  • Land search
  • Submission and monitoring of building permit and planning permission applications, formalities relating to ICPE or facilities classified for environmental protection, public access building
  • Sustainable development study as part of the CDAC planning authority dossier
  • Preparation of the certification application
  • Property transactions (programming, technical, legal arrangements, etc.)

GSE handles the design and works phases while respecting your operating constraints and your customers (occupied site, city centre, etc.) 


A genuine specialist, the GSE Group offers you the creativity of its architects and the expertise of its in-house design engineering services.

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My Place shopping centre in Sarcelles

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Supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping centres, retail parks, drive-ins