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You wish to develop a new plant, reorganise or restructure your industrial production equipment, whether a single building or an entire site.

At GSE we think that understanding your business and the industrial flows associated with your production processes is a key element for the perfect association of the process and the building. 

Our turnkey Designer-Builder activity helps us support you throughout the development of your projects by contractually guaranteeing compliance with the budget, deadlines and a specified level of quality.

Your issues

You need:

  • a high-performance plant which responds to the profitability requirements of your activity
  • a plant which respects all safety standards to avoid work-related accidents
  • a "clean", environmentally-friendly plant (LEED/BREEAM/HQE certifications)
  • production equipment available within a specific timeframe to avoid losses due to temporary shutdown in operations
  • an industrial building with a budget which is determined when signing the contract


Our solution

In light of these issues, our Turnkey Contractor activity plays a particularly important role, as the single point of contact for your turnkey real estate projects:

  • understanding and integration of your issues, your process
  • conversion of this key information into precise specifications  
  • optimisation of building-process interfaces and delivery of technical solutions consistent with the financial contractual commitment
  • ability to guarantee, very early in the process, the final investment amount (no budget overruns, management of risks and hazards).
  • quality, reliability and safety are the key words of our architectural and technical design.
  • The GSE Group's expertise of more than 35 years, notably in sensitive industries involving clean room technology (risk of particulate or biological contamination).
  • references in the design and construction of clean rooms, in the complex management of fluids and climate-controlled environments.
  • our ability to be the single point of contact allows you to outsource your construction projects and refocus on your core business
  • guaranteed delivery date of your production unit


Example of a certified building completed by GSE

Becton Dickinson in Pont-de-Claix (France), an LEED certified building, the work of the GSE group: 2,100m² of a glass syringe production unit fully compliant with GMPs View the reference

View the site:         usgbc.org/leed

Alstom, a 150,000m² plant in China
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