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GSE aims at providing the market with innovative solutions responding to all the requirements of its clients while standardising certification measures.

GSE have developed a thorough knowledge of the principal certification marks on the market: HQE, Bream, Leed or Chinese Green Building Label.

HQE certification

This is a private initiative by an association, based on a reference system including fourteen targets, which can be integrated into the architecture and engineering offers with a view to improving building design or renovation, by minimising their adverse environmental impact.

Groupement des Mousquetaires in Montbartier (France) - an "Exceptional level" HQE certified building.
Construction of a 88,540m² food logistics platform including 4,000m² of offices.
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BREEAM certification

Developed in the UK, the environmental assessment method (BREEAM) helps construction professionals understand and reduce the environmental impact of buildings at every stage of the construction process. BREEAM assesses buildings in the following domains: energy, management, health and well-being, transport, water, materials used, waste, land use, ecology and pollution.

Amazon Goodman in Lauwin-Planque (France) -  a HQE certified building
Development and construction of a 99,525m² order processing centre, including 6,000m² of offices
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The "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" North American assessment system (LEED®®) promotes and encourages ecological construction via a global approach to sustainability through the creation and application of universally understood and accepted tools and criteria. LEED® is a 136-point assessment system which recognises performance in 8 domains with a positive environmental as well as social impact.

Becton Dickinson in Pont-de-Claix (France) -  a LEED certified building
2,100m² of a glass syringe production unit fully compliant with GMPs
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The China Building Science Research Institute developed a two-stage green building rating system, the Chinese Green Building Label-3 or, more commonly, 3-Star Rating in 2006. The rating system is managed by The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) and building certified by the China Green Label Office at the China Green Technology Centre. In the first stage, the building may earn a Green Design Building Label, allowing the project to be marketed as a green building to potential tenants or the community. In the second phase, the building may earn a Green Building Operation Label.

Air Liquide Chine -  a certified building CHINESE GREEN BUILDING
Research and Development Center of 19 000 m² in Shanghai China
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View other sites: HQE association - usgbc.org/leed - Breeam.org